Kostomar Textiles is an environmentally conscious wholesaler of natural and sustainably produced fabrics with two principle areas:- Luxury pure Linens and Recycled Cottons.

Natural Luxurious Linen...

Relatively speaking Linen has an extremely low impact on the environment. It comes from the flax plant which is grown on our doorstep in Northern France, Belgium and Eastern Europe, meaning it has relatively low road miles to get to our UK market.

The plant only requires sunshine and rainwater to grow. Very little in the way of fertiliser and pesticide is required. The seed is sewn in April, and harvested in July/ August. Once ready, the entire plant is pulled out of the soil, known aptly as "Pulling", this process preserves the length of the fibre. It is then laid out flat in the fields for retting: This entirely natural process helps separate the long Linen fibre inside the stalk from the exterior stalk itself. The plant is organically broken down by a combination of rain, dew, sunshine and naturally occurring bacteria and fungi, leaving the internal Linen fibre exposed for harvesting. This process gives the goodness back to the earth that the growing plant has taken from it, ensuring the soil remains rich and loamy for the next crop, thus keeping the whole process cyclically sustainable.

The ecological footprint of flax is extraordinary: One hectare of flax absorbs 3.7 tonnes of CO2 each year. The plant requires no irrigation and almost zero chemical input. And once this remarkable fibre is spun in to yarn and woven, it produces the truly luxurious natural fabric we call Linen.

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Sustainably produced Recycled Fabrics working in partnership with Recover™

Our other principle activity is selling Recycled Cotton fabrics. We work as sole UK distributor for Ferre, a spinning and weaving mill in Spain, whose factory encompasses the world-renowned Recover™.

Recover™ is a leading global producer of low-impact, high-performance recycled cotton fibre and cotton fibre blends. A fourth-generation, family-owned company with a 70-year long history in the textile industry, The Ferre family under the Recover™ banner, have been recycling Cotton since 1947, making them pioneers in the field of producing truly sustainable yarns and fabrics.

Recover™ recycles post-industrial and post-consumer cotton waste, replacing the need to cultivate cotton, limiting the use of dyes through its RColorBlend system, and reducing textile landfill waste, water consumption, chemicals, bleaches and dyes. The entire Recover™ process is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.

According to the Higg MSI, this is the index which measures Sustainability in the Textile Industry, Recover™ recycled cotton fibre generously outperforms virgin equivalent fibres, conventional cotton and organic cotton, across 5 impact categories: global warming potential, eutrophication, water scarcity, fossil fuel depletion and chemistry.. Watch the video to learn more about the incredible environmental cost savings of Recover™ fibres.

Recover™ aims to increase its production to 200,000+ metric tons of recycled cotton fibre per year by 2025. This will save nearly three trillion liters of water each year, equivalent to the drinking water consumed by 2.6 billion people on an annual basis and allow 500,000 acres of land to be directed away from cotton cultivation for other uses.

Kostomar Textiles offer a wide range of fabrics made using Recover recycled cotton fibre, and Recycled Linen, from light weight wide width sheers, to heavy colour woven weaves and jacquards, all from stock both in the UK and at the mill in Spain.

Kostomar are also registered Licensees of Seaqual™, who turn Marine Plastic harvested from the oceans in to yarn. We offer a number of fabrics woven from Seaqual™ yarn.

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