A second generation family Textile business of over 20 years, Kostomar are Wholesalers of beautiful luxury natural fabrics to the decorative Home Furnishings market. Our passion for seeking beauty in Nature is reflected in the weaves, textures and colours of all our Linens and Recycled Cottons.

We develop and showcase fabrics that are first and foremost truly beautiful, but crucially have a low environmental impact. Generally the raw fibres we use require no irrigated water, and little or no fertilizers and pesticides, and in many cases zero chemical dyes too. We are convinced that luxurious fabrics needn't come at an unsustainable cost to our planet.

We run a carbon neutral warehouse in Suffolk stocked with luxurious Linens and Recycled Cotton fabrics in a multitude of colours, weights and weaves, in both standard and wide widths. These are available in one roll minimums and next day delivery . We also work hand in hand with Designers, Textile Editors, Wholesalers, Upholstery Brands, and Retailers to develop their own beautiful colour woven and plain dyed Collections.

We have fostered deep, long term and generally sole UK exclusive relationships with top European mills which allows us to develop and offer our customers truly gorgeous fabrics and ready made items with an exceptional service.